The Filmmakers

TrimTab Media is a team of creative filmmakers who produce independent documentaries about social and environmental issues that inspire audience to take action. In our daily work, we help progressive brands and nonprofits tell their stories with video and other online media.

We produced this film to amplify the voices of the people who joined in solidarity at Women’s Marches around the US, and to explore what it means to stand up for your values in America today.

Our filmmaking team believes in inclusivity and equality, and always strives to hold and include these values in our work. With this film, we knew that is more important than ever. We strived to include diverse perspectives in the film itself and throughout the filmmaking process – in gender, race, religion, and beyond.

For all our team members, and particularly for the white men on our team, the work of this film is to help amplify the many voices and the personal stories that aren’t heard often enough – and to show up ourselves, for women’s rights and human rights.

Meet the Team

Mischa Hedges
Director & Producer
Camera – San Francisco

Mischa is Founder and Chief Storyteller at TrimTab Media. He brings over a decade of experience producing award-winning documentaries, commercials and online videos. Women’s March is his fifth documentary film production.

Michelle Olivera
Camera – Oakland

Michelle is committed to telling meaningful and moving stories, focused on health and human interest. As an independent producer and TrimTab’s Lead Editor, she brings a decade of experience in documentary video production.

Iliani Matisse
Participant – Oakland

Iliani is an award-winning producer in broadcast, corporate and commercial work. A co-founder of TrimTab Media in 2011, she now supports and expands the team’s mission with her wealth of creative sensibilities and professional expertise.

Alex Albers
Participant – San Francisco

Alex is a passionate about documentary filmmaking rooted in social change. As an editor, she has worked on award-winning films and series, ranging from Netflix to Sundance, and she works on a wide range of short-form video projects.

Justin Lewis
Camera – San Francisco & Oakland

Justin is an award-winning cinematographer who produces beautiful images for change-making films. From people to the environment, his images are infused with joy and wonder, reflecting the passion with which he approaches his work.

Ben Pender-Cudlip
Camera – Boston

Ben is a director and cinematographer whose work has appeared on public television and at film festivals internationally. His latest project is Dawnland, a film about the Maine’s first Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Native Americans.

Sam Price-Waldman
Camera – Washington, DC

As a documentary filmmaker, Sam strives to tell stories that entertain and inspire, always with a purpose. His work is driven by story and guided by visuals, and his experience includes a video series and award-winning films for The Atlantic.


Susannah Smith
Camera – Washington D.C.

Susannah is a documentary filmmaker with a passion for telling stories about the way race and sexuality intersect with the politics of gentrification and cities. She has worked in the SF Bay Area for 10+ years as a Creative Producer, Editor and Post-Production Supervisor.

Nicolai Crane
Post-Production Supervisor
Camera – Oakland

Nicolai is a gifted documentary filmmaker with a passion for translating “stories from the heart” to the screen. With years of experience working on award-winning films, he brings creativity and expertise to every project from creative to completion.

Nile Sprague
Camera – Santa Rosa

As a photographer and cinematographer, Nile offers extensive national and international experience with non-profit and travel-based projects. With an aesthetic eye and penchant for storytelling, his work is crafted with thought, precision, and heart.

Giovanna Joyce Imbesi
composed & performed
original score

With thoughtful detail, Giovanna creates musical scores for films and other projects. Experienced in leadership and collaboration, she brings these skills into her work as a composer. Her original score is featured in the Women’s March film.

Gary Coates
color correction

Gary has worked on many award-winning documentaries and films, providing his motion picture color finishing services. His technical expertise brings beauty and nuance to the screen, and was an integral element of the Women’s March film.

Lillian Dignan
Impact Producer
Participant – Oakland & SF

With a passion for social justice, Lillian is a multidisciplinary impact producer – with experience as a designer, educator, and community organizer. She has run successful outreach campaigns for a range of non-profits, films, and other clients.